Have you ever asked your significant other whether or not they've ever looked at another man or woman?

Have you ever asked your significant other whether or not they've ever looked at another man or woman.. and they said no, and asked you and you also said no.

But you really have, and just won`t admit it to them because they won`t admit it to you? Is it worth telling that person the truth to hear the truth or just leave it and know its a lie?


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  • Well, you could do worse than to avoid asking questions like that LOL Seriously, a lot of times the only thing those questions do is provoke awkwardness and perhaps distrust. The person that tells me he / she doesn't look at other members of the opposite sex when in a relationship will be openly laughed at and called bullsh*t on by yours truly.

    Of course you know they do, and you know that you do as well. Hearing anything other than "Yes" is a flat out lie. And, even without knowing it, a lie as simple and harmless as that could cause a little bit of distrust, since they know you would, but you answered no instead.

    It really isn't that big a deal. I mean, obviously the extended chicken neck stare is uncalled for, when a person stares and strains their neck to get an even better look. But curiosity is a hell of a thing to not give in to. It's normal to give that person a quick glance. Lying about it though, even done with the best intentions, can end up being worse in some cases. So I guess either avoid those types of questions, where the person would feel compelled to lie to protect the feelings of the question asker, or just be truthful about it.

  • We're human, of course you will look at members of the opposite sex regardless of your relationship status. It's only natural.

    I'm not enough of a hypocrite to criticise any future girlfriends for eyeing up other guys.

    So yes, I'd admit it even if they didn't.


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