Are you attracted to Average or above Average Qualities?

I've noticed that I will find really good looking girls attractive but sometimes when I see an average looking girl with some unique quality that I really notice about her, she'll seem more attractive than those girls that are considered beautiful by society.

This girl that I thought was really attractive today was short, a bit chubby, didn't wear tight clothes, had normal shoes and a tiny amount of acne but her eyes had some unique spark that I noticed. I found her to be really attractive even though she seemed to possess average qualities visually.

Has anyone else felt like this before, but just visually nothing to do with personalities and such.


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  • I have felt like that before too. Honestly its kind of refreshing to hear that from a guy


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  • Yep. Definitely. Back in sophomore year I had an art class and I was stuck at a table with a girl I thought was the grossest chick ever. Literally, not only did I hate art class, I hated coming to class because she sat in front of me. Strangely enough, after a month or two, I actually started to see her in a different light. Now I see her as a beautiful girl.

    You're absolutely right about special sparks. It's like, some girls are more interesting than others, and that itself makes them more beautiful than most. Though, I think we all see different sparks in different people which is the beauty of relationships.

    • Hmmm the person that I thought was really attractive, I've only seen for about a week. I never thought badly of when I first saw her.

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    • So this mean that sometimes personality triumphs over looks then?

    • Absolutely! First impressions are almost always based off looks, but if you're in a situation, like being forced to sit at a table during class, you start to see the personality. You start to see the uniqueness. After this experience I ALWAYS spend time getting to know other people, even those I'm not really attracted to at first, because now I realize if I give it time, I just might find the love of my life.