How do I know if I'm attractive or not?

Like everyone, I have doubts about myself and worries that I'm not attractive. How will people act around me if they think I'm attractive? Guys and girls? Will guys mess with you more if they think you're attractive? Will you catch other guys staring at you? Are there other things that guys will do that let you know you're attractive? Guys, how do you treat attractive girls?


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  • put a pic on hotornot, have your girlfriends tell you if guys are checking you out as you walk by, generally guys will try to talk to you. the exception might be if you are really hot, and then a lot of guys would be intimidated.

  • Yeah we'll stare. The more experienced (and gentlemanly of the bunch) have mastered the art of the subtle glance. If you catch us looking, it was for a reason, we couldn't stop. Guys will mess with you more, as long as its all in good sport (I believe its still called flirting, right?). Basically, it boils down to attention span. We're simple creatures, it doesn't take much to please us. So if you have our attention, we are more than likely attracted. The key to being attractive (for both sexes) is confidence. Girls can get away with being shy and super-hot, because men will still try. If you aren't a blessed with natural beauty, but still have the confidence, you can be a fox.


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