Why do you like wearing your boyfriend's clothes?

why do you like wearing your boyfriends clothes?

when a guy gives you clothes would you say you love them for someone special who you may be in love with and you like them just for a friend who you could only see as nothing more then a friend?


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  • yes, when I had a boyfriend, I loved wearing

    his sweaters to sleep :)

    but I don't understand your 2nd question ?

    • Why is that?

      i gave her two sweaters and she said she loved them?

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    • thats cuuute.

      is she your girlfriend ?

    • no, that's what the journal is for though.(:

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  • i like wearing one of my boyfriend's old shirts to sleep in, I guess it just has to do with the fact that it reminds me of him, and I just feel like he's there with me even when he's not. Like when he's away, I like to steal one of his sweaters and when I miss him I'll just put it on and its like he's there with me, because it smells like him and it just reminds me of him...

    • What about after washing it? would the smell go away?

    • surprisingly not. my boyfriend was in swim team and so even after I wash this sweatshirt he gave me, it still smells like chlorine, which reminds me of him :)

  • It just makes you tingly inside, I love wearing a guys jacket even if he isn't my boyfriend. I love when its too big and it smells like him. :)


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