How do you know who likes who when locking eyes?

So here's the deal, I like this guy. He is amazingly beautiful but we have never talked before well maybe like once or twice when we were at a party but it was barely anything and it was super random, almost like he just wanted to say something to me.(He may have been a bit drunk)

But anyways, for some reason we always lock eyes, and I always feel the need to look at him and when I do, for like a second he looks at me! Its the weirdest thing because I don't know if he is just looking at me because I do, or because he likes me. like how do you know if you both like each other when your both looking at the same time? Because I find that we always both look in unison or maybe he is already looking at me or waiting for me to look at him? :S

Or maybe I'm just over thinking... help!


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  • Smile at him when he looks at you!


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