Opinion of meeting guys and girls at bars?

What do you think of dating a guy or girl you meet out at a bar? Several times, I've gone out, met a guy and had a blast with him (didn't go home together or anything), but we end up texting for a while after and he wants to see me again/take me on a date. I always talk myself out of going because I wonder why they are so interested after hanging out with me once on a drunken night. Should I take a chance and go? Or stay away from these situations? I've just always heard the warning "never look for someone at a bar" . I somewhat feel like it's a waste of my time and energy. Because what did we REALLY have in common, besides drinking and thinking each other was cute?


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  • I avoid dating girls at bars because every time I met one we would have a blast, end up texting but she would end up ignoring me since one of her stupid friends told her to "never look for someone at a bar"

    ProTip. Most of us go to bars at some point including you. So should men avoid you?


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