Does this make a girl look stupid?

My replied status on facebook is "single". This girl status is "in a relationship"

The girl post on his wall " Baby, I love you" and my friend never replied...

He is on there everyday? why no reply?
does it mean they are together?


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  • I wouldn't say it makes her look stupid because I don't know the whole situation but it seems like he's losing interest in her and she either is in denial or hasn't noticed. If it was only once, maybe he just missed it?

    • They probably are together, but maybe he's just not into it..

    • would you feel disrespected if your mate had "single" and you said baby, I love you and no reply...why you status say "in relationship"?

    • Definitely. I'd probably change my status until he changed his. I'd also be upset that he didn't respond and I'd bring it up to him and probably be a bit concerned we weren't on the same page regarding our relationship.

  • Some guys just don't like being flashy about those emtions

    No it does not make the girl look stupid.

    • If she's callen him baby and her status day relationship id say yes the are

    • but his status is single...and she said baby, I love you...and he never responded...if he was my boyfriend his status would be "in a relationship" and he would replied back..

      thats not ok

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