Does Cocoa Butter actually heal stretch marks?

Does Cocoa Butter actually lighten stretch marks? (I actually prefer people that actually experienced stretch marks and used it before to answer please?)

I just wanted to know if cocoa butter has helped for you. If not, what other product did you use to make stretch marks fade?
  • Yes it works! I used the cocoa butter before too!
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  • No it didn't not work. I used it but still have stretch marks
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  • Yes but I used something else(Please tell me what you used)
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  • Yes but I just read that online somewhere
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  • Yes, it can help lighten marks. But you have to be consistent, and it takes a couple months for any changes to be noticeable. Vitamin E works well to even skin tone, so I would think it could work on stretch marks as well.

    Colt1819 is correct; cocoa butter is recommended to prevent/help diffuse stretch marks for pregnant women. So it is worth a try, just keep in mind it takes a while for results.


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  • Pregnant women use it for prevention, it works for most of them.

    I would do some searching man on the matter man. Maybe you can find something that can help you out.

    I just opened a tab and did a google search: "Stretch mark healing"

    Found this - link

    Hope that helps


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