Should I Ask Him Out On Valentines Day?

I go to this alternative school, and kids go there (it's from grade 7 to 12) because they have trouble focusing or they have problems - not like disabilities, but things like depression or bipolar disorder - or they have addictions or they're a teenage mom or they didn't get enough credits to go to college but they want to go.

i've been really close friends with this guy in my class, D. we met when the school year started in september, and he never showed up, but was on my bus. obviously, I was curious. everyone was dissing him because he never showed up and when he did, all he did was stare at us with this death look.

but whenever he did come I just found myself getting excited. the people he talked to the most were me and one of my goofy friends skye (fellow boy, by the way). when he started showing up full-time just after christmas, and he started talking to me a lot more, I couldn't help but feel elated.

now we talk everyday, and about everything. I always catch him staring at me - and even when he hardly ever showed up, he stared at me - and smiling at me, and we have these inside jokes and share little looks about stuff. he always wants to know more about me, and he's always talking to me about the most random stuff on facebook. when we're in gym class, he goes easy on me. we tease each other.

i listen to love songs (most of my itunes collection, ha ha - I'm a romantic) and think of him, and I imagine us walking together. his hands will brush against mine, or we'll be sitting in class and he'll put the toe of his shoe on mine. when people butt into our conversations continuously, he tells them to shut up (XD).

i have depression, social anxiety, a speech impediment (I stutter), and I'm sensitive to a fault. I spent three months in the mental ward of the hospital, my best friend/grandmother/substitute-mother died on my 10th birthday, and my dad's an alcoholic who used to verbally abuse me.

i know he has problems too. I don't know them exactly, but he's tried to tell me before but he either just starts blushing or someone interrupts him.

i just... I don't know. I want to do something cute on Valentine's day, to let him know I like him. maybe slip a note into his locker or jacket, or just ask him upfront.

but then again, I'm young. I don't know sh*t about love. I just know I really like this guy, and he's my best friend at my school, and I would love it almost excessively if I got to hold his hand and be with him.

... help? please?

there's an emo new girl, small and skinny and pretty, and while everyone thinks she's stupid, he's said he wants to bang her. my other friend skye (mentioned above) has been paying a lot more attention to me lately (in the way D used to). So I don't know.


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Valentines Day

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Valentines Day