Girls, Do you honestly think there is a look in a guys eyes when he likes you?

Do you honestly think that you can see it in a guys eyes when he likes you. Can you describe the look?

:) thanks


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  • Yeah, at least in my situation there is! When I'm not really looking and I glance up at the guy I'm with he has this really soft, warm look on his face, like everything negative was stripped away and all he can see is good. It's not all the time, but more often when we're cuddling or when we're alone. I don't know if all guys share this trait though.


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  • Well.. he has this soft smile on his lips and a look in his eyes that's really warm like 'I can't beleive I have this precious thing in front of me'.

    Or perhaps I'm just a hopeless romantic and I play things up but, that's my experience.


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