Do any guys like girls with pale skin, black hair and a not so skinny body?

I have black hair that I love! Its not natural but we can't be born the way we want. I've been dying it for about 2 years. I also have very pale skin, I mean really pale. You can trace my veins up and down my body and I kinda love seeing them! I've been tan and I really don't like it, some people look better tan but not me. I'm not the skinnest, but not the fatty-est. I have some weight but I'm at a healthy weight for being 5'3. I've been told that I look too pale that I even look sick. That I'm too fat! Come on, someone has to like pale skin and girls that arnt tooth pick skinny,right?


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  • Well, I do love that type of complexion.but I do prefer the hair to be dark brown, brown with pale white skin.haven't run across many with black hair.but yes, plenty of guys that love that complexion. And from teh pics you got, you don't look too pale.i mean there is pale white and you seem to have some tone to yourself.


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  • well pale skin and black is not what many guys like out there but from ur photo you look pretty cute

    just make sure you hv nice sense of style, depend on what you feel comfortable and what type of guys you want to attract, keep up the skin color, my fav type, if you hv ginger nd you cud be my fav type =D

  • I go for personality, so I wouldn't know.

    But if you don't like the way you look, change it.

    Dye your hair, get a tan exercise, but only if you want.

    • I wouldn't change for the just wondering what others think and if I see lonely-ness in my life(highly doubt)

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