Giving your number out to the cute waiter or waitress?

Is it a bad move to write your number down and leave it once you have left? Would you dare to even do that? Have you done that? How did it go?


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  • No it is not, however if you do not wish to advance on more then a skin level relationship then I do not advise it. And yes I'm sure a fair number of both genders have done this, just to somewhat start the conversation if the receiver dare to text the number which was left for them. Using text or other means of non verbal communication does remove that ice barrier. I have personally done this before at some locations that I have been to, relationships didn't form as I had wanted them to but hey - we are good friends and on top of that sometimes I get a discount ;P

    • "if you do not wish to advance on more then a skin level relationship then I do not advise it"

      So you're saying that it's a good move for a potential relationship? Because as a girl, I'm worried that the guy will think I only want to sleep with him by doing that.

    • Honestly it all depends on the guy, I mean you can pretty much tell if he is out just for a little tail, however even by putting your foot in the door by giving him a way to contact you can tell you later on how he really is - Now not saying that it will take a week or less to find out if he is relationship material, but what I am saying is that if you take the time to get to know him - you might just find yourself saying, "I'm glad I took a chance" ;P

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  • Depends on how you do it. If there's definite flirting going on, and not just the sort of friendliness that will get her decent tips, then it's okay to do it, I think.

    But you have to do it exactly right. Don't leave an ostentatious or large tip as well as your number. It's crass, and makes it look like you're saying money is the only reason she'd go out with you.

    Leaving a note and a number might be best, if you can find the right thing to say to her.

    I'd go with something simple. "I'm a good guy. You should call me sometime. 555-xxxx"

    • Lol, yeah the tip is also something I found might be awkward, but thanks for that tip*.

  • You make friends this way. I've done this plenty of times and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. There's no embarrassment in it.


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