What do you look for in lingerie?

Girl what characteristics makes lingerie worth wearing? And guys what about it interests you?

I want to find something to wear for my boyfriend but I have no idea where to even start. (I'm a men's T-shirt and jeans kinda girl. This is out of my knowledge base.)


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  • Well, what are you qualifying as "Lingerie."

    Part of the thing is that guys like womens undergarments. generally speaking, they are are functional, but also a bit sexy. As a guy, I can tell you that at times, a woman in lingerie can look even sexier than totally naked. It's a way that women can tease men, giving them a glimpse, but not the whole picture.

    My Girlfriend is similar in style to you, and I am not particularly picky about what I like to see her wearing, on the surface or more intimately. It is, however, important that you get what flatters your body type. If, for example, you're curvy, a skimpy set of top and bottom (halter bralette and thong, for example) isn't going to look as sexy as something that accentuates those traits positively, like boyshorts and a bra that gives better support, or even a corset, if you're not on a tight budget. On the other hand, if you're more on the skinny side, a push up bra and bikini would do better, and again, if not on a budget, stockings and garters (tho these can be finicky to get the right size, and the improper size can look pretty odd if they sit too high or low on your hips)

    One thing I will say, is not to go out and buy a whole new set of bras and panties. Has he seen you before? does he know the kind of underwear you wear? If you're anything like my girlfriend, you don't wear anything particularly fancy or seductive from day to day, so if he has seen you with your "overgarments" off before, and you're looking to surprise him, try something different for a change; wear a little lace under that less girlie outer attire, and watch his eyes pop when he sees the difference. Make sure to remind him this won't be a regular occurrence tho, and normally you'll wear your usual stuff. Not only does it reinforce the fact that you only have 1 or maybe 2 sets, but it also keeps him on his toes, so he knows when you're feeling particularly sexy ;D

    If he's never seen you before this time, then I'd suggest you just stick with what's in your drawer. If you have a particular set you like more than the others, wear that on the day of this "event"

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but without knowing a bit more, it's hard for me to make more specific suggestions than that.

    Best of luck, and message me if you have any further questions


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  • Peeling off a baggy tee shirt and jeans to reveal some stunning lingerie is sure to blow his mind. Hope you found something you both like!

  • dont wear it if it makes you uncomfortable. men don't care what your wearing most of the time, its gonna be coming off anyway. I get women like to look pretty and all that but it your seriously not comfortable wearing it, dont. lol. we want you comfortable and happy if your not happy, we're not happy

    • They may throw me out of the girls club for this but my real problem is I hate shopping. I normaly just go to bed naked and just recently decided I wanted to try the whole sleep ware idea.

    • lol. you actually breathe down there, better, with no clothes on. be yourself. don't change for your guy

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  • Where to start? Well my style is very similar to yours so I know what you're talking about - I've been there before. What I did when I first got into the world of lingerie is to go to a lingerie store that I felt comfortable in. If you look at all the stuff it has and what comes to your mind is "Hell, that's tacky! Who wears that sh*t?!", then it might not be the right place for you. After browsing a couple stores, I know what I like and what looks good on me so it makes it a whole lot easier for me to shop for lingerie.

    So here's what I would recommend you. Once you find a store you like, start looking for bras that you like. Just pick whatever inspires you. Then, pick your size. Don't pick multiple sizes in case one doesn't fit. There are plenty of assistants there so it makes it a whole lot easier to pick just one size and ask one of these ladies to bring you another one if you like the item. Anyway, so after you pick a bra you like, try to find a matching pair of underwear. If there isn't, it might not be the best thing to start trying out lingerie. I find that most of the times, you end up thinking "Well I'll just match it with something else I have" and at the end of the day, it never matches... Plus, if you are looking for very few lingerie items, just so to turn your boyfriend on, you'd be better off picking 2-3 sets at first than anything else.

    Anyway, so make sure that you can find a pair of matching undies in your size. I usually skip a bra if I happen not too feel comfortable with the undies it is matched with. For instance, I hate thongs and lacy cheekies. I always go for briefs or bikinis - anything that covers the butt. If you're a little insecure about lingerie, I'd suggest you stick to those options. That is, of course, unless you feel comfortable going all out and trying on a tight corset, garters and a lacy thong. Once you've got let's say 4 bras with their matching panties, go to the dressing room and try the bras first. There is no point in trying the panties if the bras feel uncomfortable. Once a bra fits well, see if the matching panty feels as comfortable. If you like how both look paired together, then keep it! Also, make sure that the sizes are right. There is no point in wearing lingerie that feels uncomfortable or that doesn't suit your body.

    Besides, as far as what your boyfriend will like, I'd stick to what YOU like and what YOU feel sexy and comfortable with. That's my rule. What I personally like is lacy, delicate bras with comfortable panties. My favorite store is La Vie en Rose. You can look it up online. I own the Illusion Demi Bra (paired with Illusion Bikini) in blue, red/black and fushia/purple and the Glamour Balconet with Removable Pads in white (paired with Glamour Boyleg).

  • I suggest you go to a lingerie boutique that offers personalized service. You can have a real fitting and a women will bring you anything you want to try on, and she'll probably have some good suggestions herself about what would look good.

    I end up doing this every time I want to buy bras because I want to make sure they fit perfectly. Women in these places are usually very helpful!

  • i look for ones that are a bit more conservative, the material isn't as see through,e tc


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