Ladies, what do you think of larger guys?

I don't have an issue with my build, but I was wondering about your opinions, ladies. Based upon whether or not an individual is a bigger guy, would you dismiss them for it? For example, I'm 6'2" and 245 pounds with a large frame [also note it is a mix of muscle and fat, but more of the latter than the former]. However, I've been told I look closer to 220. I do have an extremely healthy diet, and I do exercise.

I am aware that some females would classify larger guys as "teddy bears" but to what extent does this apply? I am content with my size, as it does have benefits. How much importance do you place on the weight of a male? Depending on whether or not you like it, dislike it or are indifferent, an explanation of your stance on the matter is appreciated. Thanks.


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  • Your the exact same height and weight my brother was for along time. I'd classify him more as a beast than a teddy bear. I hear the same comment a lot from girls and guys and it goes along the lines of, "he's 23?! That's a big mother f**ker!" lol. He is also a mix of muscle and fat. I agree that it has benefits because people are afraid of him. He just lost 30 lbs and I think he looks much better. That may be because I know he put on that weight due to a bout of depression. As for me, weight does not matter much to me with guys unless you have man boobs, a beer gut, double chin, etc. Basically if you look good naked, your weight is of no importance.


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  • i don't particually care for small guys. I like tall guys who are kinda skinny. But, then again I don't really care what the guy looks like. Its personality I look for. I have felt awkward before with really tall guys seeing as I'm short. About 5'2" to be exact and I don't really like to look up, but apperances and bodies don't really affect my likes or dislikes. If I like a guy, its because he's a nice guy.

  • Honestly , I know that not every girl is the same But me personally I could care less about someone being 245 pounds . I love guys of all shapes and sizes and sometimes guys of bigger frame are better because when you hug you feel so comforted and warm LOL .. but no I don't mind , it's completely okay with me. But also there are more pros than cons . I actually can't think of one con about it.


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