She is rich, cute, pretty, slim, social and educated?

I'm broke, chubby, not a bachelor degree yet, not many friends.

Do I have a chance?

Good things about me, I'm tall and good looking, (except for the fatness part). Also I deeply like this girl to the point that I imagine myself staring at directly to her eyes appreciating her presence and smile.

Damn that sounds lame in words :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ah ha, I see this all the time with some of my personal friends, but ill tell you what. More then 75% of relationships do not stop at the skin level my friend, but goes even deeper - Now, lets say you've known this girl for awhile, you both enjoy each others company, go out regularly, and there isn't a dull moment. In which case sure yes you may have a chance - but you have to look at ALL the aspects. Do you know her? Does she know you? (By that I mean not knowing the mask, but what's behind the mask) If you both do TRULY know each other, then by all means, attempt to press it further, or if the both of you all are on a deep communication level, open to all things - bring up the question. See if she might be interested in the matter, it never hurts to ask - cause who knows? She might be thinking the same thing you are.


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  • umm can I be honest...u have a chace as a boyfriend but not anything beyond that. I'm not rich but I'm considered pretty and I'm well educated ill be applyig to law school in a yr. and well I wouldn't take a person without an education seriously. like husband material.

    ps your not fat what mirror are you looking at?


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  • To answer your question directly, and I'll keep this straight forward , cause that's my nature. Whether she'll like you surely depends on her personality characteristics. Is she open minded and non superficial? Do you talk to her, and get on with her well? If so, you're in with a reasonable chance. If you just stare at her from afar, and fantasise about her when you're alone in your dreams, prepare to remain wanking for a good deal longer! You have to make it happen. Don't talk about your life in such a fixed manner either. You can make some dramatic improvements, if you have the will. If you lose some weight (don't make excuses - there is no excuse), try and make yourself sociable, less available. You're bound to be more of a catch to her.


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