How to dress to go out to a club? Boys help me!

Boys what do you like to see girls wearing on the clubs, I mean the ones you want to get to know better not a fling?


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What Guys Said 1

  • something that looks cute and not slutty. not too revealing but still looks nice.


    of course that's probably a designer dress and costs like $10,000 but something like that.

    • but honestly a club is not the best place to go if you're looking for a relationship

What Girls Said 1

  • im not a guy so I'm sorry for that.

    but I eat the p**** so to speak.

    when I go to the club I look for the girl who has nice legs.

    legs are sexy. a little chest. but please keep your boobs in your shirt.

    keep your boobs, butts, and vaginas covered.

    its not cute when there's a girl your dancing with and you feel like if she gets any closer, her herpes infested cooter gonna rub on your leg.

    *HINT* no one really likes a whore. she's just something to stick your d*** in!


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