Do you think this is unfair?

So my "wonderful" principal decides he wants to be cute && add his own little, new dress code rules this yr. He made a comment last month about how now we aren't allowed to wear jeggings unless the shirt comes down to our fingertips. Today I wore some red pants that are sort of like jeggings but not quite. My shirt does come to my fingertips && EVEN though it occasionally slides up, its long enough to cover my butt. Now I have worn these pants for two years, even with regular shirts because the pants are basically VERY thick cotton pants && you can't see through them @ all. BUT today , as I was leaving school, he called me over && told me that I cannot wear my pants anymore. I think it is so stupid && I didn't do anything wrong. Its not my fault that my shirt can slide up && I mean as long as you can't see anything or my butt && its not provocative, then I SHOULD be allowed to wear it. Some people have long arms && short arms, so I don't think the whole fingertip rule is fair. Am I right? Anyone else have any stupid dress code rules @ their high school?
Okayyyy so this is the deal: just kept the answers as a simple yes or no, or if you do have a dress code rule that you don't necessarily like @ your school, then you are free to share it. But we aren't gonna start bashing anyone through the internet, let's be classy
Mmkay thanks everyone :) this question is officially done with. No more answers needed.


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  • think abot it this way. your almost in college. where they rarely have dress codes. just put up with it for a little longer. ull be fine


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  • LOl.

    In my school we have to wear uniform but those jeggings or leggings or whatever (Thin black and tight pants) are allowed as long as they are black. And they are so hot. Except when my f***ing obese teacher wears them.

    As someone else said though, gtf-over it.


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  • That makes no sense. Jeggings are kind of a hit or miss - some are basically leggings with a jean print (tacky) but others look exactly like jeans, just wayyy softer and stretchier. Anyway, yeah I think it's unfair, but so is life.

  • It's life, get over it. You're going to have dress codes all your life when you get a job. So suck it up and move on. It's really a stupid issue. I have to wear khakis and a polo everyday and I don't complain about it, so really get over it, it's just a pair of pants.

    • While I understand its life, @ the same time, he was being unfair. There has been other girls @ my school that have worn really slutty things && they have yet to get in trouble for them. But I get attacked for wearing a pair of pants that I have worn before plenty of times that doesn't disobey the school dress code.

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    • Thank you at least someone can understand where I'm coming from.

    • I didn't rate you down because you were giving your opinion, I did it because you said it in a really rude way. I understand there is always gonna be someone that disagrees with me, but @ the same time, you need to be respectful about it. I can understand you don't see why its a big deal, because you have to wear a uniform, I have worn uniforms before as well, but I wasn't making a big deal about the fact I can't wear the red pants, moreso that I am being accused of going against the dress code when I didn't.

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