Do I repel guys or am I unapproachable?

i have never had a boyfriend before. many people have told me that I am wicked pretty and guys have told me the same. I also get good grades and I'm a girlie girl but not in the annoying way. I'm very nice and have a lot of friends but really the only guys that I talk to are probably gay. a lot of guys stare at me but they never seem to talk to me and I don't know if somethings wrong with me or not. please help.

also guys care whether or not girls dress nice or not to school? I mean like making an effort instead of wearing sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt?
*i mean do I repel guys**


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  • Some guys don't care whether girls dress nice or not to a certain extent. The more nice you dress. The more guys will notice. However, if a guy likes you, he's not going to give a crap what you wear because he'll be too busy looking at YOU (not your clothes). Unless of course he wants to look at your clothes to try and compliment you, such as, "Your shirt is really nice." or anything simple like that.

    Also you're still young to even worry about still being single. To answer your main question. I don't believe you're a repel. Maybe you attract very shy guys or intimidate them in general with your "pretty" self. Also usually people who get good grades tend spend more time studying (if things don't come naturally to them) and doing schoolwork or being more focused on the teacher and board rather than socializing among the students within the classroom.

    I'm not saying you're that type of person because I don't know you and you didn't state that, but that's my observation with someone who is a good student and is single.

    • ohh believe me I'm very social at school..that has nothing to do with it haha

  • You are 18 and guys your age are still insecure and uncertain about the same things as you are. To put it simply, they are afraid to ask girls out. If you are pretty they may think they are out of your league which makes them even more afraid. If you want to make a guy ask you out, just make yourself more open and approachable. Spend time with him as friends, talk to him, be relaxed, smile, look him in the eyes, touch him, grab his arm etc. All those things will encourage him to ask you out.

    As for clothes for school, don't dress up too much. But don't just show up as if you just got out of bed either. Find something in between.


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