Music recording question.

anyone have any tips for good equipment, how to better judge recording levels, etc? Am open to any of them, thanks! :)
or I need an external mixer/sound board to work between the computer and mike. Any suggestions as to brands to use? (mixers and mikes)
thanks to you both. I'm actually working on laying down vocal tracks. I'm set up directly into my computer (and am using Cakewalk), but I can't seem to get my recording levels just rigt. I'm thinking either my low budget (Radio Shack) mike is not good...
So my friend came by and helped me with the mixing... don't need any other equipment and will try a different mike this weekend. I think I've got it figured out. :-) Thanks for the help.


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  • Well, there's two ways, I prefer working with:

    Old school: Getting a nice mixer in an isolation room (pretty important so you can judge recording levels) with monitors, hooking up the mics to that and recording. Usually, it goes in as 1 signal or 2 signals depending on if you use a digital-audio interface or not (which usually just hooks up via. USB, something like link However, in regards to digital touching up, you have to make sure your initial recording levels are close to perfect or else it screws up most of your recording.

    New school: Getting a DAW multitrack recording. The beauty of these is that if you use a program such as Logic Express, Cooledit Pro, etc, the program registers EVERY mic signal, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to do post-recording touch up and levels even after you record!

    If you want advice as to what sorts of mics you should use for different instruments, comment me back =)

    • Sorry, one last thing to add, check out this website for anything mixer-related:


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    • I will try that, thanks.

    • Glad to hear you're on top of your problem. =)

  • Depends on what your doing. I like using a 4 track at home /analog is best and easy in my opinion\ or a quarter inch to usb ran through pro tools or amplitube software. when I get called into work I just play and let the engineers handle it.


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