What should I do this Valentine's Day?

I was talking to a guy a few weeks ago that was my set Valentine. Well this past weekend we got into a big argument are aren't speaking anymore. I have a different guy that wants to spend Valentine's Day with me but I have no interest in him whatsoever! Lastly, there is a guy I really like that I have been hearing might ask me on a date that night so I have my fingers crossed. What I'm asking is what should I do? Should I just spend Valentine's Day alone and hope the guy I like asks me out? Or should I just go with the guy that likes me even though I don't like him? I really don't know what to do! So please leave me your comments


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  • Do EXACTLY what I say:

    STEP 1) Get a paddle.

    STEP 2) Get lingerie.

    STEP 3) Where lingerie, bring paddle.

    STEP 4) Get guy in quite place.

    STEP 5) Bend over and tell him to spank you with the paddle.

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day