What to wear to a second interview?

I went for an interview the other day at Yogurtland. I wore nice really dark blue jeans and a dress shirt. I was told I had the job when I left. That we would figure out when I can talk to Human Resources about filling out the new hire paperwork and get my uniform. They called a couple hours later and gave me the HR number. I called and the lady I was to speak to was not in, so I left a message. She returned my call the next morning asking me to come in for a second interview. And I asked her because I was told I had the job, and she said there was a misunderstanding yesterday, they weren't supposed to hire you like that, that's not our company's way of doing things. So I have a second interview, even though I should have the job. What should I wear?


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  • here's the rule for ANY interview. Stick by it and you will never go wrong.

    Dress up one level to the attire you will actually be wearing.

    So if you will be wearing street clothes, wear a button up.

    If you will be wearing a button up, wear a button up with a tie.

    If you will be wearing a button up with a tie, wear a suit.

    If a suit, wear a very nice suit.


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  • def. not jeans this time. wear decent professional suit.

  • this interview seems more formal then the first one. so white dress shirt and dress pants


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  • Mrs Jones is right - suit and tie. I have heard Digital's dress scale before, but when going for a job, you're in competition with everyone else who has heard of, and is using the same scale. Suiting up sets you apart from the rest of the pack. It may not be a whole lot, but given the stakes, any advantage you can get, no matter how small, is worth taking.

    Good luck on getting the job!

  • To my knowledge they're not allowed to f*** with you like that. If you were told you have the job, you have the job. I'd talk to a solicitor or something.

    • I know right?! Like who?

    • Yeah. And I dunno, I mean, look at the phone book? I'm sure there'd be a solicitor advertising there. Or the newspaper or something. Give them a call and see if they can do anything

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