Is there anyone out there who has experience with photography?

I am starting college next week, and I am going for a bachelors degree in photography.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice, or if there is something I need to know before starting college.

Please and Thank you ^_^


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  • i'm a professional photographer and The only advice i can give you for now , is that no matter what Camera you own ,, you can take awesome photos.. just focus on three main factors in your Camera ( Shutter Speed , F no, and ISO ) and also focus on (lighting , and composition) if you master these.. no matter where you are. what Camera or lens you have. you're gonna beat it !
    and you can ask me any further questions later


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  • The best tip I can give you is to NOT think so hard about it. Don't analyze and analyze and try to force a good shot to happen. It's one thing if the shot is completely choreographed, and created by you. But otherwise, taking photos should be natural, and just happen. For me, it's something I feel. I don't 'look' for good shots. I see beautiful things and find inspiration all around me, and that helps, but my best and/or favorite photos are the ones I snapped when something about a situation just resonated with me. It's not something I can really explain to another person, haha, but you'll know what I mean if/when you 'feel' it. =]

    • Thanks, that was helpful, now I'm not so tense

    • You're welcome! I'm glad I could put your mind at ease a little bit. I had no idea if my answer would be even remotely helpful, haha. It's just what works for me.

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  • its partly down to what you like taking pictures of

    but search rule of thirds

    also try and use the surroundings to frame your pictures

    id also suggest just taking them in color you can allays edit them later to black and white or sepia ect

    and also play around with your camera to get used to it it will help :)

    • Thanks, I will do my best. I will also try going around, taking pictures of many different things so I can figure out what I like

    • that OK and the main thing is to have fun :)

  • Get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot!


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