If you like someone and how they look, but then see them looking awful, would you lose interest?

I have been talking to a guy, we've seen each other a few times, he said he's attracted to me - admittedly I am average, no supermodel, I do the best I can though with what I've got - but he said he likes me how I am. A couple of days ago I was in a small clip on TV on the News and the filming was VERY unflattering, a couple of honest friends have told me it made me look horrendous. I know that the guy I like saw it, and I haven't heard from him since the day before it aired. I did send him one email yesterday saying I was unhappy with how I appeared on TV, I felt like I needed to explain that I look WAY better than how I was portrayed, even though he knows what I look like in person. If he was already attracted to me and knows what I look like in person, could seeing this video clip of me looking awful be a huge turnoff to him? I feel like maybe if he watched it with friends or something, maybe he's embarrassed of me. FYI - I honestly look 150% better in person than what this video clip turned out looking like, the filming / lighting / positioning really was unflattering and awful. Could he have changed his mind about me because of how I looked on TV? Even though he knows what I really look like in person and said he likes how I look?



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  • If I really knew what you looked like I wouldn't care at all. I'm one of the most unphotogenic people ever (hence the profile pic haha) so I understand that in person is usually the best way to judge how someone looks.


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  • I'm the same, I'm not at all photogenic - see the photo above! lol I think guys can just be THAT shallow especially if it's very early days between you! Males are very 'visual' unfortunately, and it's not fair that you felt you had to email him to explain yourself and your appearance on that clip! Let him go, he's definitely not worth any effort. It's HIS problem he's that superficial, and HIS loss!


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