Whats A Hot Asian Hairstyle?

cuz you know most asians have straight hair. and it gets pretty boring.


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  • Ya know, I think most asians take their beautiful, sexy, shiny, straight hair for granted. I'm half Chinese myself, and unfortunately have inherited fat, frizzy, poofy brown scraggle hair from my french/israeli dad. :( I get straight perms to make my hair at least manageable and decent looking in public, but you full asians should flaunt your straight hair! I noticed that a lot of full asian people with beautiful hair try to mess it up with frizz and weird zig-zagging flat ironing or whatever, but the sexiest hair in my opinion is the long, straight, layered look :)


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  • I LOVE when asian guys dye the tips of their hair orange or blond and spike it up. It's really sexy

  • I'm asian.:-) Asians have the perfect emo hair! If you don't want an emo hairstyle then I think layering it would be awesome too.


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  • I'm asian :)

    I hated my hair, I have to spend 10 minutes just to fix my bed head so I decided to just get it short and just spike to have a little point at the front or leave it alone

    side view




    front view



    | |

    Took me 30 minutes to do -.-

    • Haha, love the pictures!

      you guys don't even know the pain of having to hair!

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