Girls, how would you rate these actions, 1-10?

rate 1 to 10 based on enjoyability by you, and what you think of them (explain! not just numbers lol)

1. Spooning while the guy plays with your hair

2. Sleeping in his arms / head on his chest

3. Fingers intertwined when holding hands

4. Him kissing your neck and behind your ears when cuddling

5. Him giving you a back massage before bed :P


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1-1 I don't like my hair being played with because it gets oily. But I am told its soft to the touch and shiny a lot. I much prefer running my hands through his hair and down his neck. ;)

    2-10 It feels so intimate and cute. Especially when a guy brings you up into that nook.

    3-9 My hands are small and always cold so I love holding hands and grazing my thumb over his hand.

    4-10 The neck is one of my sweet spots. Never had behind my ears kissed though lol. I like nibbling on his earlobes though.

    5-10 OMG Alex gave me a back massage and it was heaven. My back always has a knot right above my ass (not even being pervy) so it feels so good when that spot is rubbed.

    • p.s. lookin good :P lol

    • Lol thanks but this is from two summers ago. I'm paler, thinner and my hair is shorter and a different color now. But I did like this look. :)

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What Girls Said 8

  • 1. 8, I'd much rather his arms be around me instead of playing with my hair

    2. 9, I like hearing his heartbeat

    3. 10, I don't think we're ever not holding hands like this

    4. 10, yes, please, kiss my neck

    5. 7, not the biggest fan, but still really nice, though I would prefer other attention

  • 1. 8 I like that cause most guys think my hair is itchy :(

    2.10 cause it means I probably slept over, and I rarely get to do that.

    3. 10 I like it cause I'm a sucker for romance

    4. 10 My neck is my sweet spot so its a 10 as long as he bites me

    4. 8 Its nice, and I've only received a massage from a guy once...

  • 1-9 I love when guys play with my hair

    2-10 I love sleeping in a guys arms it makes me feel innocent

    3-8 my hands are always cold but for some reason I always feel like I'm holding hands wrong lol

    4-10 I love when guys kiss my neck and behind my ears is makes me feel special

    5-10 back massages are alway so relaxing and romantic

  • 1. 10 I love when guys play with my hair

    2. 5 I can't sleep while I can feel them breathing haha

    3.10!im obsessed with holding hands with everyone

    4.7 I'm really tickle ish

    5. 1 I don't like massages

  • 1. 9- I love it

    2. 8.5 I love it, but I have to be in the mood too. Sometime I get really hot and can't sleep

    3. 8 It's cute

    4. I'm very ticklish so prob 3. And I'd prob laugh :/

    5. 10 :)

  • 1-10 Love it! I always feel secured and comfortable when a guy I like holds me like that and I love my hair being stroke. I feel so pampered when my guy gently play with my hair! On top of that I would have the best sleep whenever the guy does that.

    2-5. This really depends..I've had stiff necks before from sleeping on arm. As for chest, it does seem cute and all, but I can't really fall asleep when the guy chest is moving up and down while he breaths.

    3-7. I only like doing this in the beginning of a relationship or when I'm too tired to do anything else other than holding the guy's hand.

    4-10. Its hot and it's such a turn on because it's romantic at the same time.

    5-10. Who wouldn't love this? This is like a gift from heaven if its the right guy!

  • 1. 10, him playing with my hair sends shivers down my spines :) in a good way

    2. 10 Because I just feel safe with his arms wrapped around me

    3. 8 its really good and sometimes he'll just give my hand a slight squeeze, whixh makes me think he obviously thinks about holding my hand, if you get me, its got a meaning behind it.

    4. ? He hasn't before, but I like it when he kisses my forehead, and my hair :)

    5. 10 again, but also when he runs his hands over my back really softly and it makes me all tingly and nervous :p

  • 1. 10 love it

    2. 10 so sweet

    3. 10 love it

    4. 1 I'm ticklish

    5. 10 loving it


What Guys Said 1

  • The first three are things I've always wanted to do. 4 would take some courage from me. 5, I don't know how to give a massage. lol

    • this is my life accomplishment list now, lol (or part of it)

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