How many have dated a girl that has never acted available or flirted with anther guy behind your back?

I know every girl I've meet or have watched usually has a guy and is acting like they don't behind his back for someone even if it's every now and then at some point. It's really hard for the single guys to find a girl when so many are playing games.. I mean they put all that makeup on for a reason right?
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I mean you have never her caught her doing it.. Not even once.
It's not a question about my personal life! Or you analysing your life against mine! IT'S ALL ABOUT OTHER "GUYS EXPRESSING THEMSELVES IN A POLL!"
And the girl that says she never has well thanks for telling the truth. It's not about a low blow to your ego but the truth in your eyes...


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  • Good lord- just because a woman has dinner with you doesn't make her committed to never speaking to another man again and even if the two of you are in a serious relationship, it doesn't mean she's not ever going to look at/talk to another guy. And, just because she speaks to another guy, is nice to him even enjoys his company doesn't mean she's flirting with him or "acting available" behind your back. Just because you date a woman doesn't make her yours to the exlcusion of all other male members of society- women CAN have male friends while maintaining a relationship with a guy she loves. And, seriously "they put on all that makeup for a reason"?! Did it ever occur to you that many women put on makeup because that's how they feel comfortable adn that's the image they want to present to the world? (Not all of us- I personally don't wear makeup that often and when I do it's not much) Makeup does not mean a woman is trying to impress or attract men- it has way more to do with how she feels about herself.

    I don't honestly think you will ever find a woman who never looks at or speaks to another man and changes the way she dresses/grooms herself in order not to seem (to you) as if she's trying to attract men. It's a ridiculous expectation and I think you need to have more confidence in a woman you date- sure she looks pretty when she goes out with her friends and sure she might have a friendship with a guy at work, but she's dating YOU, not him or any other guy out there.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Are we supposed to tell every guy we meet that we're unavailable? I don't intentionally give guys the impression that I'm single, I'm just not flaunting that I'm in a relationship.

  • **I never have been a girl who has not flirted with another guy.

    • thanks, it's good to for a guy to know what he's up against. Some guys are OK with it. But to fake guys and lie and say you are not only ruins the relationship. I would rather like to live with the truth and say I still want you then be be lied to and beleave you are something you are not and will never be happy with you and want to hurt you because you are full of lies that don't exsist.

    • which is why I don't date guys who aren't okay with it.

What Guys Said 1

  • I have but I don't really understand your question. Girls are allow to have friends too right?. Plus if she is not in a relationship with you, she can do whatever she feels like, you have no property over her. Plus its inevitable for other guys to like her too, I mean what can she do ignore everybody so she can be with you?, are you serious?. You will often get competition, it doesn't mean that because of that she is a slut or playing games, it happens all the time, you just have to prove yourself better than the others, nothing wrong with that.

    • It's not a question about my personal life! Or you analysing your life against mine! IT'S ALL ABOUT OTHER GUYS EXPRESSING THEMSELVES IN A POLL!

    • I never said it was a question about you.

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