I am going big time clubbing next week?

I would like advice from everyone with good notice to step up my game so please comment on clothes, attitude, go around with friends or without , go to a quiet spot with a girl or stay on the floors any help is appreciated.


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  • u want game? ill show you game my friend. ill hook you up.

    man + good wardrobe = dates with women

    clothing should express your personality. style should be sheek and nice. clean look. that shows what kind of man you are.

    get a nice hair cut. get your hands cleaned mani/pedicure... no joke... a man who takes care of himself loves himself. a girl will notice it. pluck or get your eye brows waxed. get it clean. if you can rock facial hair do it. if you cant. fully shave. upgrade your man scent. I personally use chrome or armani black

    get nice shoes. black is always good. make sure there comfortable enough to dance in.

    dont go in groups. cause your not a shining knight yet. find a girl as friend. as her to be a wing girl. because girls never go alone. its good to get your wing girl to occupy her friend while you make a move on her.

    girls love to dance. so dance with them. they will get tired. offer to buy a drink. be smooth. girls love compliments. actually they crave it. tell her things she wouldn't think you have noticed. like how beautiful her eyes look. or how amazing she looks in her outfit

    after that fish out more compliments. 1-2 is max on initial. the key now is playing it cool. make sure now you introduce your wing girl as a friend. you all dance together. before the night ends get her number. and tell her ull contact her later this week for a date. don't make plans. and smile. boom you got it

  • Depending on the club, there will be no quiet spots on the floor until real late. You can just wear something cool, or whatever. Most guys I see in the club don't dress any different then if they were at school (unless you go to school with a dress code). You just gotta be confident and do not be shy to approach girls in the club for a dance. It would be good to have your friends around when you first walk in, but when your about to approach a girl, let your friends know that they can't get involved so you can do your thing. Hope that helps a bit man.


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