Why am I so attracted to nurses/maids?

they are so hot. why?


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  • Ahh, I get asked this all the time.

    Why are you so attracted to me?

    1. I look damn good in scrubs.

    2. I know the human body, inside and out. ;)

    3. I won't laugh at your penis---I'm a professional.

    4. You think that's kinky? I do that every day.

    5. Aww, poor baby has an owwie? Let me make that all better for you.

    6. I have access to all the good drugs.

    • i love the fact they are so feminine and submissive (yes they are, don't try to deny it). I could just throw them around like a rag doll, yet they take care of me.

      "Aww, poor baby has an owwie? Let me make that all better for you." HOT!

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    • Ignoring ethics and professionalism for a second, and imagine you're sick and bedridden. Your nurse has control over how you use the bathroom (whether she'll help you get up to the bathroom, bring you a bedpan, wipe your ass for you... or lets you soil yourself); if and when you get a bedbath, how well controlled your pain is, etc. She's likely going to be doing painful, uncomfortable, or embarrassing procedures to you as well, and as a "good" patient, it's your role to submit to whatever she

    • needs to do to you (i.e. enemas, injections, inserting tubes into your orifices, etc.).

What Guys Said 1

  • For the same reason I'm attracted to blond haired brown eyed girls who play pokemon and listen to metal. It's your preference. It can't be helped.

    • i guess it has something to do with the fact they are caring/submissive.

    • Submissive? haha. You haven't met some of my coworkers.

    • ..or wait until your nurse is giving you an enema and then ask yourself who the submissive one is. :D

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