Why don't girls notice me at school, even though I'd rate myself as an 8 or 9?

Just answer the question. ^^^^
I do have a pretty dull personality, I'm quiet, and I usually have a nice poker face.


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  • it could be your personality. are you shy? it's harder to get to know someone who is quiet


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  • maybe they do notice you, you just don't notice. and you probably are a 8 or 9 or maybe even a 10. who knows. they are probably afraid or something, don't think the worst of things.

    • I had a girl who is a stranger say I was "hot" before. But that was just one girl... Most of the time I walk around trying to make eye contact with almost every girl I see and most act like I don't exist.

    • yeah but you can't think the worst of things all the time, think positive maybe they were busy or upset or needed to be somewhere at the time.

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  • Attractive people can be downright ugly as sin if they've the attitude of sandpaper. Beauty is a mixture of the outer and inner qualities of a person.

  • You have to have something that draws attention to you. Being attractive alone won't do much for you. I know this from experience.


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