Does looking young hurt more in the long run?

I'm a 26 year old guy but my face looks that of a young 21 year old and I think it might be hurting me more in the long run.. I hate having facial hair but it's the only way I feel I can show I'm not some young teen..

I've yet to go on any dates So I'm curious of what others think here.


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  • It may seem like more of a curse than a blessing right now, but many girls are attracted to baby faces. Especially girls WITH baby faces, I'm 20 and look like I'm 15 still. It's not bad at all that your face is holding on to its youth at all.

    Why wouldn't a girl want a guy with a youthful face?

    • I'm not sure.. girls my age seem to be turned off about it.. but when I look at girls my age they tend to look much older then me not sure if it has to do with stress or whatever.

    • Probably stress, tanning or lack of moisturizer.

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  • Trust me, that is the biggest disadvantage to have in life - and if it sticks with you, you are done.

  • Same here buddy! But I have a girlfriend so it hasn't hurt me one bit.

    Besides, I think our time is yet to come. When everyone else gets old and wrinkled we'll still be youthful. That's a bit mean, but true.

    • yeah the day I turned legal for a drink I went out but I got carded and she said "Damn your going to look good down the road" I think I stopped getting carded at places to eat only about 3 years ago..

      I look at some of my high school friends and it's like wow.. did they age..

  • I don't think your "young" face is what's stopping you from ever going on a date. You need to be more outgoing and self-confident.

    • Everyone is always like you need to go to a bar to pick up girls and that's not my thing at all.. yes I know I'm a introvert but I DO like to do stuff outside every once in awhile..and I think pay dating sites are kind of lame.. Just to think of word got around of so and so had to pay to go on a date :-/

    • Bars are great to pickup girls... if you just want to sleep with them. You can pick up girls anywhere though (if you've got the balls for it). There are a lot of resources out there that can help you learn how to approach women anywhere you are. Google things like "cocky funny" for a good technique.

      You're way too critical of dating sites, no one is going to care that you used one to meet someone unless they are 50+ and still have problems checking their email.

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