How to tell her I'm not looking for anyone else, but her?

So from a previous question it was suggested that I tell this girl that I'm not looking for anyone else.

Here is a little background. We met online, we've been on one date of dinner and bowling. We've been talking on the phone every other day or so for an hour or longer. Another date is planned for this weekend.

I'm to the point where I know I want to peruse a relationship with her, it has only been a few weeks so probably too soon to have a serious heart to heart but I think telling her I'm not looking for anyone else would be a good start.

I'm hoping she'll will say the same, but I don't want to put her in a position to end it because she's not ready for a committed relationship yet.

How best to phrase it? I've considered "I closed my 'dating site' account" but that seems as if I want a response or she will ask why? I'm scared I'll wait too long and get put in the friendship box or move too fast and get rejected, dating shouldn't be so stressful!

Is about three weeks enough time for a woman to know if she'll date you or not?
And should I wait until this weekend?


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  • The best way to say the words to her is to ask her out to a date again.


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