Ever realized you were truly in love with somebody who will never have you?

Somebody you see everyday. Somebody who is your friend. How do you just shake just feeling?

I was the DD last night and I took her home from the bar. I took her inside her place and even though I knew she was drunk I kissed her anyways. We made out for awhile and then she fell asleep. I laid there with her, holding her head and caressing her stomach. I realized that I truly did love her. That I'd do anything for this girl.

After awhile of laying there watching her sleep. I took off her shoes and grabbed a blanket to cover her up and tuck her in. I kissed her good night and left.

She doesn't remember any of it, and I feel really bad for basically taking advantage of her while she was drunk. She's turned me down several times so I know it will never be and that would have never happened if she was sober.

I really do love her, but it will never be. What do I do?


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  • Avoid her as much as possible, try not to have anything to do with her.


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