What's the difference between cute, hot, and beautiful?

What would it mean to you, if you called someone that...?

Because there's a big difference in each one of them, and so you must choose your words wisely...

So, guys, (and girls), what do these three words mean to you? What do they apply for...?


Most Helpful Guy

  • cute- girlfriend material most of the time

    hot- sex material most of the time

    beautiful- marriage material most of the time


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What Guys Said 8

  • to me

    cute - is there personality is shy and it shows in their face lol. when they are around someone they like lol.

    hot - is there personality is exotic... and it shows on their face cause they have eyes that would make any man met

    beautiful - her personality is flawless and it shows on her face. cause she exerts confidence and amazing sex appeal

    • what about gorgeous? lol

    • What do you mean when you say "it shows one her face"...?

  • Hot means sexually appealing and turning me on. Beautiful means pretty features but more that that that the person's just wonderful & special inside & out. Cute is just a look that warms my heart & makes me feel good to see it...

  • cute - I find the way she acts and her personality amusing and it makes me grin every once in a while.

    hot - I find her physically attractive, but that's it. Her personality is not attractive at all. Or it could also means she feels hot (if she is sick :( or something like that)

    pretty - I find her physically attractive and she is a sweet person.

    beautiful - I find her physically attractive. I also think she has a wonderful personality, she is sweet, amusing, I like the way she thinks, and whenever I think about her it makes me smile.

  • Great question.

    Cute = LIttle girlie smile; not a very big body; very sweet.

    Beautiful = Limited more to the face and hair.

    Hot = Good face, sexy hair and amazing body/

  • Cute is youthful and attractive, hot is sexually-enticing, snd beautiful is mature and attractive.

  • cute is a girlfriend you want to wait to do her and hot is one a one nightstand ad beautiful is the perfect Center

  • Cute= girlfriend material

    Hot = someone you wanna f***

    I've never heard anyone use beautiful.

  • cute - want to kiss her

    hot - want to bang her

    beautiful - want to look at her in awe


What Girls Said 1

  • When a guy says that I'm hot, he's looking at my body.

    When he says that I'm pretty, he's looking at my face.

    When he says that I'm beautiful, he means inside and out


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