Girls can you help me pick out a bridesmaid's dress?

I am in my friend's wedding and I have it narrowed down to two different tops. She has picked the separates so we have any top option with long skirts.


2 satin bodice with chiffon straps

I am 5'5", 220 lbs and have B cups.

I liked the Halter's waist but do not care for the cleavage since I am very conservative.

I like the coverage of the chiffon strapped one but I am not sure how it looks with a smaller bust.

VVVThis is the link to David's Bridal



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  • go with the bodice. doesn't sound like you would be comfortable with the halter


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  • The satin bodice with chiffon straps sounds very elegant where as a halter sounds a little too casual. Less skin is better at a formal event such as a wedding. I would experiment with the chiffon straped option to see if there is some way you can make it work for your bust or possibly, you can have it tailored. Good luck!

  • i think the satin bodice w the straps looks really elegant. I also think it would be very figure-flattering :)

  • the chiffon top woiuld be a gr8 choice !

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