Ladies, how important is your significant others' fashion sense?

Basically if a guy was liked you, and you were interested in him enough that you'd probably agree to a date, would him having a non-existent fashion sense really make that much of a difference. He'd still be clean, and hygienic, and all the other qualities you'd want, but just really has no real sense of how to dress. Would this actually bug you that much?


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  • I can't imagine it would bug me that much if I liked him enough to give him a chance.

    But even if it did, fashion sense is easily remedied. I've taken to buying my boyfriend things that I think would look good on him, because he's a pretty apathetic guy when it comes to fashion. There's no reason he wouldn't want to try something I give him; I'm happy cause it looks good on him and needless to say, he's happy when I'm happy ;)


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  • To me, how a guy dress plays a significant part in how attractive he is. It's not just face + body for me, because his overall aura and appeal is also in how he chooses to present himself with fashion. So if I think he has no fashion sense and can't dress I probably wouldn't be that attracted to him to want to date him. That may sound shallow to some, but it is my opinion.

  • I wouldn't care if he was "in style" as long as he didn't pull something like a striped shirt & plaid

    • Dude, what's wrong with a striped shirt and plaid pants? Hater

    • both in one outfit?

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