Why was she still looking at me?

I was at a party recently and there was this girl that I was interested in and she has been a bit in me too. But she had a guy with her that I hadn't heard a word about. They sat next to each other the whole night and they were either kissing or then she looked at me the whole time when I was near. What can that mean?


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  • She wanted to see what your reaction was to her being all over this other dude. Did y'all speak at all at the party, and have you spoken since then? What kind of relationship did you have before the party? How did you interact with other girls, and was she watching when/if you did?

    • I haven't spoken to her at all, not at the party and not after because it was very recently and I won't see her in about some days. We've been friends before and at the party I just mingled and danced with other girls while she was almost the whole time watching.

    • Without knowing any specific details, I agree that she's interested and was trying to get your attention. If you're still interested in her despite this crazy display, I would ask her point blank what's up. There are lots of excuses women give for displaying this behavior, but I think most of them boil down to insecurity or being unsure about what they want.

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  • She's trying to get your attention perhaps by making you jealous. Women think this is a constructive way to communicate interest to guys when really it just makes us think she's taken.


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