Is it bad if a guy just gets used to a girl's looks?

My boyfriend admits that he wasn't very attracted to me when we first met (he told me I looked younger.) He said that a semester or so later, I got way prettier and he started becoming interested in me. A) did he just get used to me because he thought maybe I might have a crush on him? and B) Is it bad if a guy gets used to a girl's looks? Does that mean he doesn't think she's beautiful? Can it be possible that he just overlooked a pretty girl and then noticed her beauty later?


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  • I've had this happen to me plenty of times. I'm surprised he actually told you this. But yeah, that means he began dating you on the basis of personality, ( OR DESPERATION, has been known to happen, like he just wants a girl) But then as he got to know you more and more, he noticed how beautiful you are naturally. He's not dating you just for looks, he just considers the fact your cute a bonus. That's what he's saying. Take it as a compliment, and he's a good guy for saying that.

  • I don't think he got use to you because he thought you had a crush, it was because he had a crush on you and that caused him to see you prettier than he originally did.

    it's not bad if a guy gets use to a girl's looks because an incident where a guy becomes more attracted to a girl happens. That's a good thing.

    but on the flip side...

    a girl who is just drop dead gorgeous on the very first encounter can loose her appeal and not have the same effect on a guy like when he first saw her. a guy can get use to her beauty and not be captivated by it and so he becomes less attracted to her.


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