How can I attract the right guy?

Hey all OK so I've been threw some bad relationships and I'm ready to settle down. I have dated some guys to where they cheated didn't give a crap about me but then we would become really good friends every time I talked about relationships and marriage and all of a sudden I'm talking about one of my guys friends he gets offended and I'm not talking about him. I recently gave myself a makeover and I was heading to school this really cute guy walks up to me drunk sniffing my and all. I need to know why all the losers talk to me and the good guys just look and me keep walking I have confidence and I know I would be a good girl/wife. I wanna know what I'm doing wrong so I can change it. I am a fulltime college student with my own place and all.
The rejection I'm tired of I know they say fight for what you want but I'm tired of showing guys talking to guys I give up.


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  • The only thing I can think of is that you're rushing into relationships too fast. You haven't gotten to know a guy well enough to learn how he acts and thinks about the world.

    So I'd say talk with all the guys you find interesting and get to know how they think and act. Do this for a couple of months because the more time you're around them, the more you will learn about their personality. You can make better decisions about actually dating the guy and decide if he is going to be good to you.

  • It looks like you're going to have to take the first step and ask the guy who you think is "nice" out.


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