Guys what kinda hints are you looking for? Here's your chance to let us know.

What signs do you look for? How do you want us girls to show that we are interested in you without scaring you away or making it too obvious. You say we are hard to read. Well now's your chance to let us know. Help us out.


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  • personally I can tell when a girl is attracted to me or likes me most of the time I don't have that problem really. I can tell from a little eye contact with a suttle smirk or smile, when I suddenly look at a girl who was looking at me she suddenly turns her head away and smiles. if guys can't tell a girl likes them from these hints and clues he's gonna have trouble finding a women because he's too oblivious to the signs, and if a guy you like seems like this just walk up to him and ask him if he wants to hang out sometime, the worst anybody can say is no, your pride will be hurt but that's all go for it


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