Why do unattractive people think attractive people who aren't attracted to them are shallow?

I'm just saying, you know how sometimes people who aren't the best looking have crushes on really hot people, but then when that really hot person won't go for them they'll call them "shallow". Like you're not for pining away for the hottie anyway, it's not like you were interested in them because they performed brain surgery. You liked their looks, but they didn't like yours and now you're butt hurt.

Why do they do that? Everyone gets rejected in life no need to lash out


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  • "Like you're not for pining away for the hottie anyway, it's not like you were interested in them because they performed brain surgery. You liked their looks, but they didn't like yours and now you're butt hurt."

    very valid point, maybe they're shallow too? it seems more like a defense mechanism to me because they're hurt over being rejected. rejection sucks, but everyone goes through it... just because you like a person doesn't mean that they have to like you back. we all have the right to decide who to date--why? because our lives are our own and we have to do whatever we need to do to be happy.

    so basically, don't worry about those people, they don't run your life.


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  • More than likely it's because they are hurt. Sometimes it is true that the "attractive" one is shallower. For example the attractive man who goes for attractive woman who's an ironclad b_tch.

    Consider the hot crazy scale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zADosF3XoQ

  • he's hurt because you rejected him because you think he's not good looking enough (or he thinks that) (question: did you actually tell him that?)

    it can't be easy to work up the courage to approach a girl he might think is out of his league, then get rejected. It must hurt. So he is just feeling the hurt. That doesn't mean he's shallow. Nor you, necessarily (I mean, he could have been acting dork-ish. Maybe if he was cool and confident you'd have given him more).

    • i would never tell somebody that they aren't good looking enough. even if I'm not attracted to them, it's no need to say something rude. I wasn't attracted to him but he's not an ugly guy or anything, just not my type. you can't lash out at someone just because they gave you an answer you didn't like. I can understand him being disappointed but no need to call me names when I was polite about it.

  • I think that's more common among females and ya it makes me laugh.. they just need time to mature and settle their d***s and vaginas down

    • Yeah, I've heard girls saying that too. I do believe people can be shallow, but you're not automatically shallow just because you're not attracted to someone. It just happens

  • There is more to the story than to just say that "ugly" people call good looking people shallow. You are wrong people don't call just good looking people shallow, people call everybody shallow when people perceive that the other person's standards are too high and that they cannot see through looks to see what person they are in the inside. I think there is more to the story than what you state here, you probably told him what you are looking for and he perceived that to be beyond of what he could provide, or beyond of what he perceived normal people could provide. That is why he called you shallow. I am not saying that you should what he said 100% in consideration, but think about what he said: Do you really think he had a reason to tell you that? Maybe you should considerate your standards and see if in fact your standards are too high. I mean people just don't call others shallow just because they got rejected, there is always more to that.

    • who is he to judge whether my standards are too high? funny how if I were to accept him he wouldn't be complaining my standards are "too high" it would be all well and good but since I rejected him I'M the one with the problem? some guys fail to realize that maybe the girl isn't shallow, maybe she just didn't like you.

    • Well think what you are looking for, is this man that you are looking for out of proportion?. Do you need a guy to be perfect physically , do you need a guy to figure you out no matter what the circumstances? do you want this guy to complete you? Everybody has flaws even you, so look at yourself put your ego to the side and see if what you are looking for is out of proportion

    • My standards are fine. There are plenty of men I liked, I date men that I like, I just didn't like this particular guy. Everyone has flaws, but I don't have to like everyone either

  • Because they ARE shallow (or at least seem to be unless the aforementioned unattractive person has a horrible personality or something). Just because the unattractive people are hypocrites doesn't mean they're wrong.

    • Attraction isn't a choice and it's actually not a crime to not be sexually attracted to every human being alive. Why do people act like you're shallow just because you didn't find another person appealing? Do I have to like everyone? No. So stop with the name calling, it reeks of bitterness.

    • I wasn't calling you names. Don't put words in my mouth. You're not allowed there.

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