Just a friend?

can a guy tell a girl she is cute/pretty and just see her as a friend?


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  • It makes perfect sense. I tell my friend-girls all the time whether they look good, like a skank, bad, shtifaced, or even beautiful at any given point. It just happens, and it works because we are such good friends. They know though, that I am not trying to sleep with them, so it is acceptable. Hell, I even say similar things about guys, even though I'm not gay.

    HOWEVER, it all depends on the situation. He could be serious, he could not be. It is all a matter of prespective.


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  • Yea it can be done. It does happen. However, if a guy friend of yours called you cute/pretty and you are curious if he meant it in another way. he probably did. Its all about why he is calling you cute/pretty.

    • Well I was curious because this guy says he likes me and treats me more affectionately than other girls yet he calls girls he says are just friends to him cute/pretty. I just wanted to make sure he wasn't lying when he said he just liked me and not multiple girls.

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