What do you think about the new show MTV on Skins?

i personally love the show its amazing :D but I'm tired of people bitchen about how its so inappropriate when the UK one is ten times worse

its rated mature and p*rno is rated mature but yet then again skins doesn't show any people naked!

well this is my opinion

so what do you guys think?

do you think its too much?
THE NEW SHOW SKINS ON MTV my bad dnt give me sh*t over it :P lol


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  • I like the UK version better, but it is pretty inappropriate both ways. I really don't wanna see teens throwing themselves at one another just looking for sex and drugs. I hope some people get a lesson out of it though, that those things can be pretty dangerous. But I like the UK story line, the US one just kinda threw me off.

  • The UK one was better imo. I like skins, I watch it.


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