What are the qualities that girls look for when approached by a man?

what are some things that girls start looking for (physical as well) when a guy approaches a girl?


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  • First thing I look at is whether or not the guy is cute. If he's not then I may still entertain the conversation but I won't be too interested in getting to know the guy further.

    Second (if said guy is cute), I look at the vibe he gives off. If his says "I'm a creepazoid" then I'll move away quickly. Third( if he's not a creep), what he says to start a conversation with me. If he says something witty or funny or interesting and not overtly sexual. Fourth, how he is dressed. Are his kicks decent (no skechers!)..Does his jeans fit him well in all the right places..If he wearing his proper size in shirts...Does that jacket match with the outfit. The guy does not have to wear expensive brands (that's not important) in order to look decent and "put together"...Lastly but most important, fresh breath! I cannot stress that enough! Don't be that guy that's trying to get his game on when his breath smells like a port-a-potty.

    • i agree with you on the clothing part because most people think you have to wear expensive clothing to look good. You can have the most expensive jewellery,clothing etc.. but if your style is not good then it doesn't help.

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  • Sense of humour, and if he is nervous, the nervous the better seems like he is trying hard but trying to look confident...and smile he has to smile

    • so if a guy is nervous it's a good sign for you that he's interested? just trying to clarify.

    • Yeah That's a sign he is really interested and nervous about it, that make us feel special...

  • Well, all girls vary, of course. So, it would depend on the girl.

    • yh that much I know. What would be YOUR analysation?

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    • haha I'm quite astonished to find someone who actually laughs at corny/any other chatup lines

    • As long as their not the pervy kind, I'm okay. The pervy ones shall seal his doom!

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