Maybe I am looking into something that probably is not there? What do you people think?

If a girl were to wait for you after class is over, walk with you and hang out with you for a while until her next class, can this be taken to mean she might be interested in you? There's this girl in my class I'm very attracted to, I feel like we might have a little connection but I am not sure. After class today she hung out with me for almost an hour, is it just because she was bored and had nothing else to do? She said she's new in town and does not have very many friends so maybe I am looking into something that probably is not there? What do you people think?

Also, do people become friends to eventually become lovers? What I mean by this is, if I befriend her, is that a good way to go about eventually dating her? Or should I be making a move now? And how? Thank you in advance fellow GAGers.
So I guess what I would also like to know is if, a girl finds you attractive from the very beginning, and likes your personality, can you still get stuck in the friend zone? Or does this happen only to guys she is not immediately attracted to?


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  • well because she is new there is a chance that you just seem like a really friendly guy to her and she wants to be able to have someone she calls a friend. I don't think you should make an OBVIOUS move right now because there's a chance that she doesn't want anything too deep because she's just trying to feel her way around town first, get to know people, and make some new friends before getting a boyfriend.. and yes friends do eventually become lovers. I was best friends with my ex for over a year before we went out, I was friends with my current boyfriend for over 6 years before now.. its always possible.

    • You're right, I am a pretty friendly person. Perhaps that is all that it is, but if she feels differently, then something will eventually happen I suppose.

    • and in regards to your update, it can still happen sure, but it will take longer because if she really is that attracted to the guy she would want to make the effort to get with him on a deeper level

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  • It's possible that she's interested, but if she's new in town, it's possible that she's looking for friendship and you seemed receptive. Regardless, start making your move now or you risk getting friendzoned. Offer to show her around town some time after classes.

    • Good idea thank you. This will pretty much tell her I am interested right?

  • I think she definitely likes you. Just be yourself and go with the flow. You don't want to be to pushy because its obvious she likes your friendship as well. I'd hang out with her on weekends if after school and become better friends and get to know her. But I wouldn't wait to long to talk to her about liking her, because she might give up and think you aren't interested. It's always good to be friends first, but keep in mind she's the new girl in town... guys swarm all over the new girl... don't miss out!

    • How do I ask to hang out with her on weekend? I asked if she enjoyed hiking or things as such and she said she pretty much just partying and clubbing, should I then invite her to clubs or something?

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