Opinion on scars and scratches? Intimidating?

Well I haven't had a easy life and my body has been scared but it isn't bad at all, I have a thin scar going down my right eye at the side of it but it doesn't look bad at all.

I do however have a lot of scratches on my arms from work and the scars of them are still present, are people intimidated by the appearance of scars on a person's body? I've also done 10 years of martial arts and people that know me are aware of that, does that add to the intimidation?

What are your opinions about this?

Are some girls at all interested in a guy that can fight/make her feel safe as well?


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  • Of course we're interested in a guy who can keep us safe and defend us from everything we need defending. That is one of the primary things we look for in a guy. :D

    Scars are no big deal and neither are scratches. Trust me, I've had many friends (and still do) who've gone through a lot and so they have some external signs of that (thankfully no more internal), and that is fine. :)

    You're just like anybody else as far as I'm concerned!



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  • Scars are not that bad. If they aren't too. showing, I doubt anyone that cares about you would really mind. And martial arts is perfect! Making a girl feel safe is never bad.


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  • im sure, I mean the girls I know love scars, because I have stories for em, and they love stories also, I'm sure a girl loves that a guy can make her feel safe, and protect her, I mean isn't that what a guy is supposed to do?

    • Thanks for the opinion, I do have a few stories about the scratches and scars I got, got something else to talk about now with others.