If you could build the perfect partner what would hey be like?


Choose 5 good adjectives about looks

Choose 5 good adjectives about personality

Choose 3 deal breakers in the looks category

Choose 3 deal breakers in the personality category


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  • It is not so me to weigh in into a question twice but did I say it was a great question? I did, did I?Anywho, I stands behind my previous answer/comment, and from further observation, I haven't been proved wrong. The 'I only care of personality, and not look' - myth has officially been dead! Or 'Oh, height difference doesn't bother me at all!' myth was also slain mercilessly.

    The one thing that I notice, however, unless I missed it, is that none of the ladies, I mean NONE, mentioned the age long (no pun intended) dilemma of men, of penis size! Now, THAT is interesting!

    • I find it kinda funny that my best answer is not what I asked, but the analysis of the answers to what I asked but it's the answer I liked reading best.

    • Thanks for the best answer...

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  • Looks-

    Brunette, petite-ish (not so skinny she won't eat a meal I cook), long hair, pale skin, well-groomed


    Trustworthy, introverted, Kind, enjoys pleasing me (sexually and emotionally), sweet, open-minded


    Looks: I dunno... if she has a perfect personality I'm not really going to care

    Personality: has ANY desire to go to the club or bar, dresses or acts slutty for attention, controlling

    • :D feels like you were describing me :) -- although you don't know pale skin till you know me. I'm the palest person that I've ever met (literally).

    • i had a thing for this girl Lili, and I'd be stunned if it was humanly possible to be paler than her

  • Cute/adorable, sexy,thin,short, natural

    See for some reason I'm attracted to young innocence. See I like a girl who looks totally cute,innocent and demure most of the time but really sexy when we hit the bedroom. You know what I'm saying?

    Shy and Sweet/romantic,sexy (it fits both ways),musical,funny,loyal/obedient (same thing I guess

    Being a true romantic myself I want a girl who loves that in me and loves the way I treat her like a princess...because I believe fairy tales can and should come true.But on the flip I want a girl who loves hot, steamy, dirty, yet beautiful, romantic, epic, magical love making. And since I'm big on my music being a DJ/Producer and such she should hopefully have the same tastes as me and love music as much as I do and hopefully loves clubbing too, even if she's shy. Plus she should be a girl who can laugh at my jokes. And since I'm giving her the world, she should accept it whole heatedly and be loyal knowing she'll have everything right here with me.

    And seeing as it isn't really a personality trait and I couldn't put it there, I do want a bi girl who believes in free love amongst other females (but it seems like a Major if)

    overweight,ugly, flat

    for obvious reasons


    obvious as well

    now of course, the best answer has been chosen, but my question is, does said girl exist? So Is my dream girl truly out there haha? I;m guessing no but I hope I will find her

    • I'm guessing no too-- sorry! I have been known to switch best answer for amazing new answers but a true romantic doesn't usually want someone who is bi and mention the bedroom so often.

    • well I'm more of a sexual romantic, I could prove that I am truly romantic...but I have certain sexual wants and needs so I guess I can't

  • Existent, existent, existent, existent, existent

    Existent, existent, existent, existent, existent

    Non-existent, non-existent, non-existent, non-existent, non-existent

    Non-existent, non-existent, non-existent, non-existent, non-existent

  • looks:

    Curvy, natural (beauty), majestic (eyes), flowing (hair), fit.


    lighthearted, adventurous, sweet/compassionate, honest, loyal

    deal breakers: looks

    only one - if she doesn't take care of herself (mentally, physically, spiritually etc.)

    deal breakers: personality

    selfishness, won't be antisocial with me sometimes, high maintenence

    its hard to choose 3 with personality, a lot of girls can be clingy, selfish, bratty, party sluts, naggy etc. and its tough to choose just 3.

  • looks: b or c cups, nice round booty, curvy hips, shoulder length hair or longer, succulent lips

    personality: keeps quiet when I want her to, screams in ecstacy most other times, friendly, competitive, caring

    looks deal breakers: very short hair, is not between 15 and 25% bodyfat (i.e. way too skinny or way too fat), non-existant breasts

    personality deal breakers: nags too much, frequently disobeys me, is very prudish

    • really you need all that wow you must suck as a bf

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    • eww! obedience is not a good traight 4 a partner!

    • as far as the personality goes...what CENTURY do you live in?!

  • Choose 5 good adjectives about looks:

    Curvy, Cute, Short, Lovely, Bootylicious ^_^

    Choose 5 good adjectives about personality:

    Warm, Patient, Affectionate, Loving, Loyal

    Choose 3 deal breakers in the looks category:

    No ass, Over weight, Unattractive face

    Choose 3 deal breakers in the personality category:

    Short temper, High maintenance, Doesn't keep her word

  • Deal Makers

    Looks - Cute, curvy, short, tomboy, fit.

    Personality - Loving, modest, sarcastic, energetic, spontaneous.

    Deal Breakers

    Looks - Masculine, thin, tall.

    Personality - Dramatic Diva, stubborn, spiteful,

  • 5 good adjectives about looks:

    curvy, stylish, elegant, gorgeous, fun

    5 good adjectives about personality:

    sweet/kind, affectionate, classy, confident, smart/ambitious/intelligent

    3 deal breakers in looks:

    bad teeth, too skinny, too fat

    3 deal breakers in personality:

    high maintenance, snobby, clingy

  • The perfect girlfriend would be:


    Tan skin, big blue eyes, brunette hair, skinny & athletic and around 5'6 tall.


    Confident, Honest, Caring, Chill and friendly

    Deal Brakers

    Fat, Bold, skin problems

    Personality Department

    Narcissist, conceited and selfish

    • wow...5'6 ft that's too tall lol... narcissistic?hehe well :))

  • Looks: blond or red hair, a body that rocks a dress like nobody's business, blue or green eyes, small to medium chest, medium to tall height.

    Personality: Graceful and gracious, lights up the room with her smile, great sense of humor, down to earth, Loving and affectionate

    Deal breakers: excessively overweight, doesn't pay attention to hygiene or care about her appearance, huge chest

    Personality db's: Malicious and self-centered, a flirt, extremely judgmental and legalistic

    • This is such an over used comment on here but you described me :D

  • dealmaker:

    appearance: mexican (at the moment), sporty and actually plays, charming face

    personality: fighter, ambitious, smart, down to earth and likes Michael Jackson


    appearance: face of negativity, too much make up, gums popping out when smiling

    personality: diva, lazy, meanie and slutty

    its hard to pick just 3.

  • Choose 5 good adjectives about looks


    -Tall (my height or a bit taller)


    -Somewhat youthful

    -Straight Hair

    Choose 5 good adjectives about personality






    Choose 3 deal breakers in the looks category

    -Overly curly hair:


    -Plastic surgery:


    -Morbid obesity


    Choose 3 deal breakers in the personality category




    -Lazy (I threw in a bonus deal breaker)

    • HAHAH those 2nd two links are hilarious! The overly curly hair doesn't bother me- but what do I know I'm straight! lol

  • Haha :)

    But seriously:

    Looks: Natural, pretty... well that's pretty much all I want haha.

    Personality: Compassionate, sweet/thoughtful, humor-loving (even if she herself isn't funny), outgoing, people-loving (all people)

    Deal-breaker in looks: Obese, visibly not hygienic, looks too manly

    Deal-breaker in personality: egocentric, judgmental of others, mean in general (inconsiderate, etc.)

    I feel pretty shallow writing things about looks, so just for the record, looks don't matter to me as much as personality does. Okay haha? :)

  • Great question! It blew some of the 'supposedly myth busting answers frequently found here' out of the water!

  • Choose 5 good adjectives about looks-

    around 5'4", cute, thin, athletic, nice smile/face


    Choose 5 good adjectives about personality-

    modest, down to earth, nice, sense of humor, faithful


    Choose 3 deal breakers in the looks category-

    red hair (I have it already), fat, ugly face


    Choose 4 deal breakers in the personality category-

    drama-lover, loud and obnoxious, overly flirty, low self esteem (<---I don't want to have to compliment her 100% of the time)

  • no need to build her.. already found her :)

    • Whenever there is a notification that there is a new answer or something I always see your answer, forget I already rated it with an up arrow, and then try to rate it with another one! Your answer is so sweet! Tell me about her!

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    • think where I'd be without her. I've known there was something there from the day we met. it was almost a love at first sight, but no so stereotyped. kinda like love in first week if you get what I mean haha. but yeah, its been 14 months and I'm still yet to find a single thing about her that irritates me =]

      wellll, sorry for the super long answer but you asked for it =p

    • No sorries! so sweet- kinda swooning :)

What Girls Said 20

  • Looks:

    Tall, chubby, toned, strong jawline, dark features (ahh one more ha ha nice package ; P you said perfect haha)


    Smart, diligent, funny, affectionate, leader


    Looks: busted face, lack of hygiene, shorter than me (5'6 and below I'm 5'8 just not my thing haha) oh and scrawny or Rick Ross shaped.

    Personality: rude, abusive (verbally and physically), loud and obnoxious (sorry one more haha), lazy/uninteresting

  • Looks: Fit, moderately muscular, well groomed (showered, shaved), nicely dressed (not GQ, not a slob), 5'6" or taller - basically I want someone who cares about their appearance without being a narcissist

    Personality: Confident, friendly, funny, intelligent, kind

    Deal breaker for looks: Flabby, bad breath, unkempt

    Deal breakers for personality: Shy, rude, foolish

  • 5 good adjectives about looks:

    tall, fit, attractive, dimples, brunette

    5 good adjectives about personality

    thoughtful, sincere, nice, funny, outgoing

    Choose 3 deal breakers in looks category:

    overweight, unattractive, too short

    Choose 3 deal breakers in personality:

    argumentative, disrespectful, arrogant

  • Looks - Tall , Built, Beautiful eyes, Silky / shaggy hair, and a nice smile

    Personality - Funny, Sweet, Talkative, Positive, Protective.

    Deal Breakers for looks - Way too skinny, Short, and overly hairy

    Deal Breakers for personality - Lier, Cheater, Rude to my friends/family

  • Looks:

    Great smile, light eyes, dark hair, football player build (not necessarily built, just a bigger guy :), 5'7 or taller.


    Outgoing, Good sense of humor, Protective, Sweet, and smart enough to hold a decent conversation.

    3 Deal breakers in Looks: I'm not attracted to him, really overweight, bad hygiene.

    3 Deal breakers in personality: Rude, Immature, atheist.

  • pretty eyes(blue or green), great smile, hot body, nice hair (brown or blonde), cute.

    Funny, smart, sweet, affectionate, loyal

    extremely crooked or yellow teeth. bad body. ugly face

    super cocky/arrogant, self absorbed, liar

  • Looks

    6'2, pale blue or green eyes interestingly shapes, cacausian, fit, marble greek bone structure


    generous, down to earth, ambitious, Loving/caring, funny


    narrow in shoulders, shorter then me, close set eyes


    cheater, detached, immature

  • Presuming you didn't mean that both deal makers and breakers belong to the same imaginary person.

    Choose 5 good adjectives about looks

    Tall, dark brown eyes, athletic, broad shoulders, masculine clean face

    Choose 5 good adjectives about personality

    kind, smart, reasonable, persistent, brave(bold)

    Choose 3 deal breakers in the looks category

    shorter then me, fat, thin and too skinny body (even if tall)

    Choose 3 deal breakers in the personality category

    stupid, selfish, mean

  • Good:

    Looks: above 5'6", dark hair, fit, cute look, some muscle

    Personality: unselfish, family oriented, ambitious, sense of humor, mature


    Looks: too much pimple/acne, too fat/skinny, below 5'6"

    Personality: Narcissist, immaturity, lazy

  • Okay for a lad...

    Looks - tanned, dark hair, well built/muscley, tall, sparkly eyes

    Personality - protective (not psycho), sensitive, thoughful, funny, manly!

    Deal breakers in looks - too short, too skinny, overweight

    Deal breakers in personality - player/cheat, big ego, moody/changeable

  • Good

    Looks: V-shaped torso, Tall, Dark hair, hench, strong jawline

    Personality: Smart, loving, funny, confident, honest


    Looks: flabby, short, overly hairy

    Personality: cocky, neo-atheist, ghetto/chavy

    • When I say short, I mean shorter than me (but tall is a bonus).

  • Choose 5 good adjectives about looks

    tall, fit, young, symetrical, messy

    Choose 5 good adjectives about personality

    funny, sweet, polite, smart, easy going

    Choose 3 deal breakers in the looks category

    really hairy, really fat, cross eyed

    Choose 3 deal breakers in the personality category

    chauvinist, controlling, grumpy

  • tan, brown eyes, brown hair, average built, 5'5


    scene of humor, caring, honest,friendly, go with the flow type of guy

    deal breaker:

    cheater, lies alot, a$$hole

    rude,too into himself, brags

  • good

    tall, medium length hair, green eyes, nice smile, good looking body

    funny, charming, athletic, caring, confident


    messed up teeth, too harry, obese

    lazy, mean/vulgar, shy

  • 5 adjectives about looks:

    brown eyes

    5'6ish or at least taller than me

    medium build not too muscular

    cute smile

    a little bit of a tan.

    5 adjectives about personality:


    polite to me, my family, and my friends

    smart; someone I can have intellectual conversations with.

    funny; someone who can make me laugh

    loving and not afraid to show he loves me

    3 deal breakers in the looks category

    too tall/short

    excessive hair, including body hair, or haircut, etc.

    really fat.

    3 deal breakers in the personality category

    bullies other people

    bosses me around

    flirts with other girls

    disrespects me

    sex- crazed

    umm... I could think of a lot more but I'll stop.


  • What they would be:


    I really would never think of a perfect partner through looks, I think of perfect as personality not looks (if I was to be extremely shallow I would say athletic (not chubby, but not to skinny), I love blue eyessssss, any color hair, tallish (don't care for short guys)


    funny, but mature





    Deal Breakers:


    Once again am not extremely shallow so don't care to much about looks (but being a girl I got preferences so I would guess if they were extremely fat, greasy hair, don't care for completely bald guys, don't like facial hair)






    and uhmmmm right now I can't think of anything

    • Every poster has mentioned this - this is just ridiculous.. I thought an aversion to short guys was just a bad cliche. *_* I am sad.

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    • When I say short, I mean shorter than me (but tall is a bonus).

    • no I am serious! I have had short boyfriends before! (well only one... but I have only had 2 boyfriends...) and yeah when I say short I mean someone who isn't shorter then me, but I am totally cool with shorter guys!

  • hmmmmmm


    fit. clean. good smile. I like brown eyes but my guy has blue so...clearly not a deal breaker. annnnd can't be a dorky dresser. baggy jeans t-shirts and hoodies :)

    deal breaker

    very fat (I don't want to have to bring you things because you can't move. fatty mcfattyson) bad hygiene. or a gross face.


    dirty joke teller. funny. super smart (I bagged myself a genius). kind. loving.

    deal breaker.

    mean (on purpose). selfish. bossy (I don't mind him telling me not to do things sometimes if it's because he cares. "i FORBID you to get a tattoo from there! they're filthy!" "wha...?!" stuff like that is ok)

  • Tall dark and handsome! Tattoolicious, penislicous.

    loyal, humorous, kind, trustworthy, sweet.

    Horrible teeth, majorly obese, and unattractive face. Also really bad breath all of the time and really small penis.

    Mean, aggressive (majorly), overly confident.

    Cheated a bit and used a few extra words hope it's OK. :) lol.

  • looks

    cute, tall, slim, dark, clean


    kind, funny, smart, ambitious, caring

  • Perfect, huh? I wouldn't know what to do if I found the perfect guy lol. But perfect for ME is what will make me happy. :)

    Choose 5 good adjectives about looks- Tall 5'10"+, fit, brunette, green/blue eyes, athletic build or lanky build.

    Choose 5 good adjectives about personality- Intelligent, funny, kind, honest, confident.

    Choose 3 deal breakers in the looks category- Fat, too hairy, bad hygiene overall.

    Choose 3 deal breakers in the personality category- Arrogant, liar, manipulative.

    • I could fit all the good adjectives except confident one and maybe the intelligent one ;p

    • Haha, awesome! :)

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