What should I wear?

I've spent the last four hours texting my friend (who I happen to like) and our conversations have gone really well. This is the first time we've talked this long, and we agreed to sit by each other at the movie we're seeing this Friday with a bunch of friends. I want to seem more appealing tomorrow, because he'll be paying more attention to me after we've talked so long. Thing is, I'm on my period, so my acne is a little worse (not bad, just a few pimples here and there.) What should I wear, or do, to be more appealing tomorrow? He's a really respectable, quiet but not shy, extremely smart guy. Dressing slutty is NOT what I had in mind. Any ideas?


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  • Uh... Some nice trousers, mabey black, a white top, with a black jacket or something. Something like that! I hope this helps! I wanna add you as a friend!


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