Would you like it if the guy looked back when you did-girls?

There's this girl that I used to sit opposite from across the room. We would frequently exchange looks at each other, and I believe she knew when I was looking because I knew when she was looking at me. I already solved the ordeal with her liking me or not, and it's just that I have to say hi to her and talk to her. Quite frankly, when I thought about it. I didn't really care. I'm still young haha. Well, now she sits like one seat away from me. We barely look at each other now, and when we do, we look for like 3-5 seconds compared to like a half second as before. It's as if we're trying to hide secrets from each other lol.


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What Girls Said 1

  • what partymarty said would probably work on any girl.

    you could also try extending the staring even more to the point where its almost uncomfortable, then raise and eyebrow and smile. but only if you're smooth about it.

    she clearly is interested if she's staring back at you... time to make your move...

    good luck!

    (p.s. isn't staring contests the best? so hot. haha)


What Guys Said 1

  • if you know she likes you next time she sits close to you pass her a note saying

    -Hey Beautiful

    Then play from there.

    Itll work trustttt


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