Why is it that my boyfriend for most of the time looks at my lips when we are talking and not my eyes?

And another question is.. What exactly are we?

We just started dating each other for only almost a month ago. I'd say that we actually started dating even before we know each other for long. Therefore basically we are like intimate 'new' friends.

And less than 2 weeks after we started dating, he already tried kissing me on the lips (which I nicely avoided because I did not feel ready to be on such intimate level with a guy I barely knew well), but we do exchange pecks on the cheeks.

And on Valentine's Day, he actually texted "I Love You" to me that night..

Now my suspicion is that what he had for me could probably be mere infatuation and lust since I can feel him getting very 'horny' at times. And the thing with him looking at my lips and not my eyes while we are talking makes me feel just weird.

But at the same time, I can see that he already visualise me in his future already since he often include me in his 'future plans'..

He is 22, and I am turning 21 in the coming Aug.

Help me clarify the situation that I am in!

Valentines Day

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  • he is thinking about putting his d*** in your mouth that is y

Valentines Day