Signs That she likes me?

There is this girl one grade younger than me and I usually see her in the halls but we have never talked before. I find her beautiful and sometimes when I see her coming from down the hall she either turns her head in the opposite direction, faces her back towards me and walks backwards (if her friends are there), flips her hair, sometimes when she is alone she randomly looks back I don't know why.

I do not want to be creepy so I aviod eye contact but once I looked at her and found her staring back. Every other time I look at her she will look dead straight ahead.

Could she like me or is it all just in my head?

Thanks and take care.


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  • always a hard one.

    well from hearing so far it would be a good idea to let things develop, if she likes you her signs will become more obvious over time.

    hope things turn out well :)


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